Should you wish to contact and verify these testimonials, please feel free to ask us. We are looking forward to working with you, and perhaps having your testimonial one day soon in the future.



My Business is Bustling

Hi Elvis, I just wanted to quickly share with you. Right now Soul Gardens is a bustling business. Can I post a testimonial somewhere about the client centered hypnosis sessions focused on that.

The sessions have been really fantastic in assisting me work on my business.




I Stopped Smoking. 

My name is AM, I am a 27 years old young man trying to find and understand my purpose in life in so many ways, as a man you go throw things that you never thought you’d actually go throw from school years level, but since life has its own meanings and ways unfortunately somethings you have to experience in order to understand, I’ve been a smoker since 2007 from my high school days back home in Bloemfontein reason being growing up under an influential community with no rules but rights only ruling the community and the rest of southern Africa. As I grew older I started realizing that I am not as fit and healthy I used to be and started gym but still one problem was smoking which I’ve tried stopping but nothing worked till I met Elvis and he introduced me to client centered, an first I wasn’t keen because I’ve seen on movies guys hypnotizing people for bad reasons and thought that was the same thing till one day he actually interpreted what client centered hypnosis does and not, I decided to give it a try once, just once, I’ve never experienced such a soothing, relaxing, mind refreshing, positive, influential than cigarettes, encouraging and very addictive I couldn’t stop requesting for more sessions because of how I felt after each session, it’s just mind blowing how your mind changes from exhausted, tired, depressed, angry from just that one session all clears out to one positive mind, relaxed and refreshed even energetic. I stopped smoking cigarettes in exactly two weeks completely, thanks to Elvis and Marokora Brainstorm Coaching.




My Journey

Hypnosis, a topic I’d briefly read about in the past, in one of my semester modules. While I found the concept of tapping into the subconscious mind for possible improvements in my current life pattern intriguing. I didn’t for minute entertain the idea of going to an actual hypnotist for self-healing. Until, a few months ago when I saw on a friend’s post about client centered hypnosis sessions, my interest was perked, and I decided to try something new, something different, I felt excited. Going into it, there were a few things about myself I’d observed and felt ready and willing to change. Some deep rooted issues, I’d kept hidden in the folds of my mind , untouched and unmoved, childhood memories seemingly too painful to unearth, all came creeping up, fear gripped me, uncertainty was all I felt. One disappointment after the next, the disconnect was beginning not to go unnoticed & resentment for my un-productivity and procrastination increased. My life was stagnant and unprogressive.

Client centered hypnosis has given me the ability to step into my skin, whereas before I felt like a spectator in my life, my mind would have endless excellent ideas yet my body failed time and time again to conceptualize them.

Through the sessions I’ve learnt to celebrate myself and recognize my achievements ( which in hindsight outweigh the cons). Instead of seeing my life through a negative spectrum, I now channel everything positive about my life and make that my focal point. I have been afforded a vantage point that I never thought existed. My life feels hopeful, full of joy and peace. It’s remains a working progress of course but a massive improvement can be noted from where I was before I began, to right now as I sit here writing this. Thank you Elvis for helping me through this much needed healing phase of my life.





I first started hypnosis with Elvis in 2017 while going through a very traumatic experience. Elvis did not only help me discover deal and release this particular traumatic experience. We had many sessions in hypnosis helping me to release the trauma, and many sessions just talking; which was deeply cathartic. What I particularly appreciate about working with Elvis is that it doesn’t feel formal, I can send him messages anytime to discuss things with him, he is very caring; I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to get through that situation had it not been for Elvis. I would highly recommend hypnosis with Elvis to deeper understand and tap into your subconscious mind to deal with habits and situations in your life that feel out of your control




Conquering Procrastination

Dear Sir / Madam,
This is feedback on the Hypnosis session done with Elvis In May/June 2019.
My first hypnosis session with Elvis was to deal with the issue of Procrastination. We also touched on the issue of running late to appointments / events/ etc.
We focused on a specific example of procrastination and delved into what would happen if I did the activity. The next day my mind kept going to having to do the task. I actively resisted it. The following day, there was a strong pull for me to get busy with the task discussed. I could not resist it. I then spent many hours on the task even doing much more than I had planned on doing. When this was completed, many positive results came from it which then motivated me onto completing other tasks I had been putting off.
An added bonus came out of the sessions. We had only touched on punctuality briefly. I also found myself being far better at time management and getting to appointments and events much earlier than required, if not on time. In the past I would arrive stressed and anxious in my attempts to be on on time or with reasons guiltily made up in my head as to why I was late. Now I arrive early, relaxed, calm and feeling good.
As I have said to many others, these sessions have started changing my life and I look forward to more sessions working on other issues.
Thank you Elvis